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Fwd: GNUnet Hackdays: Some Information for you! :)

From: sva
Subject: Fwd: GNUnet Hackdays: Some Information for you! :)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 02:31:49 +0200
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Dear all,

see below. Looking forward to "see" some of you there, too!


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Subject: GNUnet Hackdays: Some Information for you! :)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 02:30:18 +0200
From: sva <>

Dear all,

Thanks for your interest in joining in!
This is some info for you about the GNUnet Hackdays :)

Latest updates will always be found on, but we
thought we'll drop you some latest info directly in your inbox, too :p

Generally we'll hang around in mumble ( and for the actual
sessions we'll mostly use BBB:
Also we are continously in various text-media, see details here:

As the whole schedule depends on who is interested in doing what, we
kindly ask the ones who had signed up with particular interests to fill
up information, thoughts and comments on - Thanks!

Especially we're glad to get some more notes if you're thinking of
hosting a session - either in the working-group-section or feel free to
grab a particular slot (you can also add any other time, those are just
randomly set timings).

We'll have a quick meet on Tuesday 9 PM at BBB and we're hoping to
create a tentative schedule proposal by then, based on that info :)

As a quick overview  (Times are CEST (UTC +2))

Wednesday, 17th June in BBB:
6 PM: Intro into GNUnet (for beginners)
7 PM: Trying to find a schedule for the next days (for everyone)
~7:30 PM: Install session (for beginners)

Thursday, 18th June:
4 PM: Iterating schedule in case some ppl couldnt come Wed eve.

The rest of the time is up to you :D - see proposal in the CodiMD

We might briefly develop the schedule at some sessions in the first
10mins. Let's see how it goes....?
Generally: "Place of truth" will always be the CodiMD Site :)

Looking forward how this experiment will work!

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