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Again some updates (was: Re: How was today & Latest Schedule Version

From: sva
Subject: Again some updates (was: Re: How was today & Latest Schedule Version
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 17:13:02 +0200
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Dear all,

also on Thursday we had a good time, we were roughly around 15 users
- we had a good intro into CADET and also got loads of code explained.
- we played with CADET afterwards for the rest of the day, also with
groupchat (see also links from wednesday, we still used those pads)
- we had a TNG intro and discussion, and continued playing afterwards,
not as long as the night before ;)

On Friday (today) we again were usually somewhere between 10-20 users,
used mainly BBB, except for the mixnet session we used mumble.
- we got together at noon *yawn* and went through the “what we have and
what we need” lists, to end up in a deep “restructure the
startpage” discussion. See more:
- we interrupted ourselves to head over to the mixnet session. More
Infos on mixnet:
- at 4PM we went back to BBB but instead of docu we got into a
spontanous discussion about the CADET-gtk and re:claimID
- afterwards we did head into the docu topic again (that is now!)
- TBC :)

Also, we iterated the schedule again, and added a GNS session for sunday:

FRI June 19th

7 PM CEST - Talk on GNUnets architecture
    7:15 PM: start talk: going deeper into GNUnets architecture

SAT June 20th

12 PM CEST, Documentation & Website WG
    follow-up of fridays session

3 PM CEST - Anastasis UX (Taler)
    Anastasis UX

7 PM CEST - Working group OR talk?
    Groupchat WG

late evening - PARTY ;)
    lets see what media can work ;)

SUN June 21st
2 PM CEST, BBB, Intro to GNS
5 PM - wrap up & feedback,
    how was it, how to go on?
    next meet up in september?

see u all there?


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