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Personal task list

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Personal task list
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 01:07:50 +0100

This is my personal task list for the next month, and therefor for the
0.7 release.

- NSColor changes: Rewrite NSColor to have separate classes for the
different colour types. I did write a longer mail on this in December.

- Improvements for the image processing in the backend. Image scaling
and all the image operations, if possible with support by the new
XFree86 operators.

- Finish the DnD support

- With low priority: Add Unicode support to the RTF parser.

I wont do much gui improvements, not even the NSColorPicker stuff.
Perhaps Nicola, whom I send a snapshot of my work here, will be able to
finish it. This is because I will concentrate my work on the xgps
backend. In november and december I started the proveread and correct
the gui classes in an alphabetic order, but after a few classes got in
conflict with Nicola, who was working on the same classes. This let to
some undo and redo cycles on NSCell, which weren't for both of us the
most efficient way to work on GNUstep (and also let to a result that in
my view is not the best possible). So now I think it is better, if
everybody works on a specific part of GNUstep, with only minimal
overlapping to the others.
The xgps backend is currently the most used backend and still lacks a
lot of the needed functionality. And I think it is good to complete one
backend, before we start the Win32 one. This might be the task I could
do for the 0.7.5 release.
One other task for that release is the rewriting of the font handling.
As Wim did not finish his excellent proposal here, we are still left
with an unsatisfying solution here. This wont be a t1lib based solution,
as suggested by the current task list. The anti-aliasing can also be
achieved by the new XFree86 functions, but this is not the most
interessting point here, as the interaction between gui, backend and
font cacher will have to be redefined.


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