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GS in Debian

From: Nahuel Greco
Subject: GS in Debian
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 19:23:20 -0300

People, i really will like to see the latest GNUStep and Gorm packaged for
Debian, the current mantainer of GS packages have no time to do that
(see ), 
i cant package gnustep myself because the same reason, and most importantly, i
dont have the appropiate gstep experience. I think that an apt-get installable
gorm, maybe with a little demo, can get lots of new developers for gnustep. 

So, if somebody wants to be the mantainer of these packages, that will be

Sorry if my english hurts :).

- Nahuel Greco                 Web Development - Open Source - 
-  Game Programming - Research   -
- Freelance coding / sysadmin  Networking. The answer is 42. -

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