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RE: GS in Debian

From: Frederico . S . Muñoz
Subject: RE: GS in Debian
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:13:02 -0000

> > > Maybe you must try sending a mail to the 'new' mantainer 
> > > (who?) of gnustep,
> > > the address is address@hidden , at least to add the 
> > > gorm package.
> > 
> > Indeed. I'll write him to know the general status of the 
> packages and talk
> > about Gorm and
> > other GS prospective packages.
> > 
> > The email address always made me think that GS developers 
> were in charge of
> > the debs... 
> It is a maintainer group, composed of many people, they are 
> collectively
> in charge of the packages.
> I am related in some sense to the maintainer group, at least as an
> observer - I do receive a copy of emails and bug reports 
> which get sent to
> address@hidden ... but that's all, I don't have any 
> time to do
> anything.

I see. It certainly make sense to have a group taking care of all the
GNUstep packages,
since GNUstep is so unique in so many ways that it defines a policy of it's

> If I look in my old emails, I can find more about who the 
> other people are
> ... Matthias Klose is certainly one of them ... but if you're 
> interested
> probably writing to address@hidden or anyway following the
> debian standard procedure for things is the way.

Of course. I would like to state that I will in no way bypass or fail to
inform the current maintainer;
everthing will be done according with Policy, in the end I would like to be
an extra pair of hands
helping with the overall effort.

> I'd certainly like to see Gorm packaged.

I've already set up the page to provide
general information. 

As soon as I upload anything it will be there along with the source line for
apt and general remarks.

Please bear with me a couple of days as I recently lost my /home partition
with everything in it. The
things I have are from a rather old backup, but I will work on it this

Also note that due to the lost partition I have also lost my gpg key (yes, I
did have backups on floppy, but due to my
laziness in labeling them they were overwrited with an Alpha boot disk and a
GNU/Hurd boot disk :P) so my packages
will not match my Debian keyring gpg key. I will produce a new key and have
it sign by a Debian Devel this month.



Frederico S. Muñoz
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young : address@hidden
IIES : address@hidden
Debian Project: address@hidden

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