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Re: Proposal. Looking for feedback, interest, etc.

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Proposal. Looking for feedback, interest, etc.
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 21:29:05 +0200

> I currently do not use shared memory in the gslib backend. It could be
> done in the X specific part but I think it should be implemented in the
> x11 backend server instead. I hope the XShm code will be moved from
> backart to the backend x11 server.

> >   I¹ve been reading the PS and DPS references and I know creating a PS
> > interpreter is no easy feat.  The VM is complicated and the generic path
> > based graphics is no joke to code (especially to make it run fast).  I¹m not
> > proposing a completely new code-base be started, rather, I was thinking of
> > grabbing the GPL ghostscript and ³cutting and pasting² it into this new
> > project.  AFAIK the license allows this (feedback?)
> Before trying to imlement your own library you should look at ghostscript
> first. It can be compiled as a shared library and used as an embedded
> interpreter in other software. The gslib backend however does not do this.
> It has no interpreter, instead it uses the ghostscript imaging library
> (gslib) directly (what the interpreter also uses) to avoid the overhead.
> >   Since the PS lib would be very generic, it is plausible it can be used in
> > the x11 backend as well.  Is anybody else interested in this?
> > More specific, is anybody interested in helping?
> I'd ask the same question. It looks like the gslib backend is similar to
> what you have in mind but it is not finished yet. I'm working on it but I
> have limited free time so some help would be very nice. I'd suggest you to
> have a look at it and see if it fits your plans. The catch is that it is
> not yet usable as font handling is still missing. I'm working on this but
> I cannot tell how much will it take to implement it. Instructions and
> pointers can be found at
> Comments are welcome.
> Regards,
> BALATON Zoltan
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