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Re: make-system for frameworks

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: make-system for frameworks
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 18:23:44 +0200
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David Ayers wrote:

David Ayers wrote:

2. I need some way of making the objects in derived_src $(GNUSTEP_INSTANCE)-dependant,. i.e. if I compile GSWFile.m to GSWFile.o for GSWeb, I don't want that GSWFile.o to be used when I compile GSWeb_wo.

Well actually I meant GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR but the same would apply for DERIVED_SRC, still looking into that one.

This is a bit tricky, as GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR gets set in common.make, but since it really isn't needed until actualy compiling (and a clean which I though doesn't invoke instances might just clean the GNSTEP_OBJ_PREFIX directory, I figured that I'll just move the definition to Instance/rules.make. So for testing I introduced GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR_ROOT which is set in common.make to the same value as GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR was originally set. Then in Instance/rules.make I set GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR = $(GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR_ROOT)/$(GNUSTEP_INSTANCE). (after the targets and before the other variables are set.)

Well make from here resulted in errors do to the target definitions in rules.make (notice NO Instance/) which refer to $(GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR)/5$(OEXT).

Then "just for fun" I also set GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR = $(GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR_ROOT) in common.make right after GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR_ROOT was set. Still my Instance/rules.make would override GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR to append the $(GNUSTEP_INSTANCE). I figured that this will probably cause problems as the var would have different values in different stages of the make process. But alas, this was not so! I actually reuslted in what I wanted! Even make clean cleans the $(GNUSTEP_OBJ_DIR_ROOT)/$(GNUSTEP_INSTANCE). This behavior is better than I expected, as I could clean the projects sepratly now (still using ifeq ($(wonames),wo) to set the FRAMEWORK_NAME, but once I get 3 sorted out, I take it everything will be cleaned)!

I'm not quit sure, but I think it would be more correct if these targets in rules.make where moved to Instance/rules.make but as it's currently working fine for me, I'll wait for your comments on the whole issue. (Maybe I'm really breaking something here. Once I'm finished I'll try recompling everything with the modified make version.)


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