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Re: Of applications and documents

From: David Adam Bordoley
Subject: Re: Of applications and documents
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 00:04:16 -0400

Pascal Bourguignon writes:

How plan  you to make  it more successful  than the Lisa  (ancestor of
Macintosh) or the OpenDoc architecture?

Open doc was an idea ahead of its time. Its pretty clear to me that the application metaphor doesn't scale well at all once you amass a large number of different tasks (see the windows start menu for instance), plus from a user stand point its much more natural to approach using a computer by manipulating the data as oppose to using programs (for instance a view of your music should always provide a music playing interface, as oppose to needing to start a music playing app). How do I plan to make it more succesful. Well by making it work of course :) Simply implementing another windows/mac clone seems pretty silly to me, clearly gnome and kde have already for the most part succeeded at that (for better or worst), linuxstep/gnustep on the other hand, really have a chance to truly create a new and much more usable system. Anyway my words are really more for encouragement and the hope that linuxstep can really become something better than the rest :)

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