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Re: Gorm issues and next GNUstep core releases

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: Re: Gorm issues and next GNUstep core releases
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 15:25:52 +0100

Le 30 oct. 07 à 00:48, Gregory John Casamento a écrit :

I'm aware of this problem and I'm planning on looking into it tonight.

ok :-)

From: Quentin Mathé <address@hidden>:

The issues I discuss are:
- view control points (knots) are invisible most of time, this means
problems for selecting container subviews and resizing views
For this last issue, I have a detailed bug report on the way, I still
need to test and write down the expected behavior for each kind of

I just posted a detailed bug report for this last issue: <https://>


Quentin Mathé

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