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cross compiling gnustep on embedded device (wince)

From: Vincent R.
Subject: cross compiling gnustep on embedded device (wince)
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:04:21 +0200
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I wanted to try to cross-compile core foundation to be able to play with
objective C on 
my smartphone running windows CE.
I am using cegcc as a cross compiler and I have downloaded :


What would be the necessary steps to cross-compile and/or add support for
wince platform ?
First question is gnustep-make architecture dependent ? 
I have configured and compiled gnustep-make as shown below :

./configure --prefix=/opt/mingw32ce --host=arm-mingw32ce
make && make instal

THe problem I don't know if it handles cross-compiler and arm-*-pe targets

Then I tried to configure gnustep-base but I get some errors that make me
that it uses wrong compiler (gcc instead of arm-mingw32ce-gcc ...)

Could someone help me with this ?


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