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Manual proxy configuration, how should it be implemented?

From: Ibadinov Marat
Subject: Manual proxy configuration, how should it be implemented?
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 15:04:18 +0300


As a part of my primary job, I'm engaged in writing server-side apps on top of 
First experience of using it on server's side was a tiny field-specific OCR and 
it  was a success 
in terms of both development speed and performance. So we decided to try to use 
GNUstep for 
ongoing developments. Now I have a need to rewrite another module (it's code is 
obsolete for more than a year
and it needs to be rewritten anyway) using objc. 
It places emphasis on networking. And there is requirement to manually select 
proxy (HTTP proxy) settings 
depending on a domain name it will try to access. I really can't opt out of 
So, here is my question:
        Is it more viable to implement necessary functionality in Foundation, 
or to implement CFHTTPMessage 
        (Apple recommends using it for this task) which is missing from 


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