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Re: Problem with tooltips

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: Problem with tooltips
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:16:58 +0200

Hi Germán,

> El lun, 08-10-2012 a las 14:33 +0200, Wolfgang Lux escribió:
>> Hi Germán,
>>> Currently (with SVN) the tooltips added to buttons in gorm, aren't
>>> displayed.
>> this may (or may not) be a consequence of a change I made on Sat.
>> Can you test if tooltips are ok when you revert the change in r35645?
> Revision 35632 works perfectly.
>> Also, does this apply only to tooltips in gorm or also to tooltips added 
>> manually (using the -setToolTip: method)?
> ToolTips in renaissance files works perfectly. The method -setToolTip:
> also work, but display the tooltip in a wrong position. In the attached
> app, with one button, the tooltip is displayed when the cursor mouse is
> positioned under the button.

thanks for the example. It showed me that I had forgotten to remove an obsolete 
translation of the tracking rectangle coordinates. I'm not sure why I missed 
that during my own tests. Anyway, tool tips now should display correctly again.


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