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Fwd: CoreLocation clone

From: Maxthon Chan
Subject: Fwd: CoreLocation clone
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2013 04:07:13 +0800


发件人: Maxthon Chan <address@hidden>
主题: 回复: CoreLocation clone
日期: 2013年6月4日 GMT+0800上午4时06分54秒
收件人: David Wetzel <address@hidden>

If so, how about hack into it and clone CoreLocation? As of now, we need to hack out 1) using Google API (lots of NSURLConnection things, maybe my CGIJSONObjects libraries can help?) and 2) GPS receivers on /dev/tty*

Shameless plug: CGIJSONObject library allow you to write JSON-based HTTP-backed protocols without "actually" coding. It generate JSON objects based on Objective-C properties and find out remote methods based on names of called methods, using the Objective-C method forwarding mechanism. This library is licensed under 2-clause BSD license.

在 2013-6-4,上午4:01,David Wetzel <address@hidden> 写道:

Hi Guys,

it could use the information from the wireless networks.
The round button on locates me on about 10m.

Greetings from Toronto

David Wetzel

On 3 Jun 2013, at 15:57, Gregory Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

I wouldn't say it's useless on computers.   On computers I'm pretty sure it uses IP address geolocation.

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