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NSTimeZone timeZoneWithName: unit test fails unnecessarily

From: Frank Rehwinkel
Subject: NSTimeZone timeZoneWithName: unit test fails unnecessarily
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2013 11:40:18 -0400

The GNUstep-base make check for NSTimeZone's +timeZoneWithName: is based on an invalid assumption.
As a result, it fails on my FreeBSD 9.1 system (and could give the impression that the class has a bug in it).

The test is meant to check whether an NSTimeZone can be built from a timezone name.  Turns out when
it is given a timezone name that matches its platform's zones directory, it works.  The invalid assumption
is that the sample name picked is going to be found in each platform's zones directory.

The test that is bundled with GNUstep's core/base uses the @"GB" name.  But on my FreeBSD 9.1 system,
the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory doesn't have a file with that name.  So the class returns nil and the 
test reports a failure.

Ironically, or perhaps not, there is a GB timezone file provided by the GNUstep installation.  But it is not
left in a directory that the NSTimeZone class looks in first.  The class lookup seems a bit odd.  It uses
a hardcoded list of possible directories, and just uses the first one that is actually a directory.  If the file
doesn't exist in that directory, it doesn't bother to check other directories.

There is the option of building the code with a TZDIR define, but I didn't find an install script or instructions
for setting it as part of the configuration step.

NSTimeZone does use the GNUstep supplied directory, for matching my defaults setup of
'defaults write NSGlobalDomain "Local Time Zone" America/New_York'.  I noticed that before I had the defaults
setup, NSLog would cause NSTimeZone to printout a warning that the local timezone wasn't set.


Odd that the timeZoneWithName: doesn't use the same lookup mechanism.

Here's some test code to show that the lookup works when passed a name that can be found.

    $ cat test00.m
    #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

    int main(int argc, char * argv[]){
        id current;
        for (NSString *name in
                    [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                        @"GB",  // This one won't be found.
                        @"EST", // This one will be found.
                ) {
            current = [NSTimeZone timeZoneWithName: name];
            NSLog(@"For name:'%@' timezone: address@hidden", name, current);
        return 0;
    $ ./test00
    2013-06-14 09:50:45.738 test00[11019] For name:'GB' timezone: (null)
    2013-06-14 09:50:45.740 test00[11019] For name:'EST' timezone: EST

And GB is not found because it is not in this FreeBSD directory.

    $ ls /usr/share/zoneinfo
    Africa          Australia       Etc             MST             WET
    America         CET             Europe          MST7MDT         posixrules
    Antarctica      CST6CDT         Factory         PST8PDT
    Arctic          EET             HST             Pacific
    Asia            EST             Indian          SystemV
    Atlantic        EST5EDT         MET             UTC

GB would have been found if this directory had been searched.

    $ ls /usr/GNUstep/Local/Library/Libraries/gnustep-base/Versions/1.24/Resources/NSTimeZones/zones/
    Africa          Etc             GMT+8           Greenwich       Navajo
    America         Europe          GMT+9           HST             PRC
    Antarctica      GB              GMT-0           Hongkong        PST8PDT
    Arctic          GB-Eire         GMT-1           Iceland         Pacific
    Asia            GMT             GMT-10          Indian          Poland
    Atlantic        GMT+0           GMT-11          Iran            Portugal
    Australia       GMT+1           GMT-12          Israel          ROC
    Brazil          GMT+10          GMT-13          Jamaica         ROK
    CET             GMT+11          GMT-14          Japan           Singapore
    CST6CDT         GMT+12          GMT-2           Kwajalein       Turkey
    Canada          GMT+13          GMT-3           Libya           UCT
    Chile           GMT+14          GMT-4           MET             US
    Cuba            GMT+2           GMT-5           MST             UTC
    EET             GMT+3           GMT-6           MST7MDT         Universal
    EST             GMT+4           GMT-7           Mexico          W-SU
    EST5EDT         GMT+5           GMT-8           Mideast         WET
    Egypt           GMT+6           GMT-9           NZ              Zulu
    Eire            GMT+7           GMT0            NZ-CHAT

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