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Quick summery of building a Xcode tool chain for GNUstep

From: Chan Maxthon
Subject: Quick summery of building a Xcode tool chain for GNUstep
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:37:57 +0800

Xcode can cross compile, but only if there is a way for it to run the resulting 
code. However by properly implementing a fake SDK folder, you can make its code 
highlighting and autocomplete work. I have already ported a set of basic Linux 
headers over and it worked fine. Now I am going to copy lots of other headers 
over so that it will work better.

On the down side though, clang cross compiler cannot really build working 
libraries. (Maybe methodology error?) but it does not matter much since Xcode 
does not compile too.

So here is my conclusion: this Xcode rig can work, but it's sole good is to 
allowing coding and drawing UI in Xcode with its great native abilities of 
handling Objective-C and xib files. You need to transfer code from your Mac to 
a Linux box to build and debug. However you can still make your OS X and 
GNUstep programs share code, so debugged OS X code will work a lot smoother 
under GNUstep.

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