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Re: Quick summery of building a Xcode tool chain for GNUstep

From: Chan Maxthon
Subject: Re: Quick summery of building a Xcode tool chain for GNUstep
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 13:09:53 +0800

The kit is built and packaged. Only Xcode code highlighting and autocomplete 
work though. I will try tap into Xcode 5 bots after it is gold and maybe use 
that as a remote debug/build framework.

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在 2013-6-17,12:37,Chan Maxthon <address@hidden> 写道:

> Xcode can cross compile, but only if there is a way for it to run the 
> resulting code. However by properly implementing a fake SDK folder, you can 
> make its code highlighting and autocomplete work. I have already ported a set 
> of basic Linux headers over and it worked fine. Now I am going to copy lots 
> of other headers over so that it will work better.
> On the down side though, clang cross compiler cannot really build working 
> libraries. (Maybe methodology error?) but it does not matter much since Xcode 
> does not compile too.
> So here is my conclusion: this Xcode rig can work, but it's sole good is to 
> allowing coding and drawing UI in Xcode with its great native abilities of 
> handling Objective-C and xib files. You need to transfer code from your Mac 
> to a Linux box to build and debug. However you can still make your OS X and 
> GNUstep programs share code, so debugged OS X code will work a lot smoother 
> under GNUstep.
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