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gnustep-gui and blocks support

From: Luboš Doležel
Subject: gnustep-gui and blocks support
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 19:19:38 +0200
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I was playing around with NSSavePanel and noticed gnustep-gui doesn't support methods such as

- (void)beginSheetModalForWindow:(NSWindow *)window completionHandler:(void (^)(NSInteger result))handler

I also couldn't find any other method that would use blocks. Since there already is blocks support in libobjc2, it's a shame.

Now I understand that blocks support is something that needs to be detected and enabled by configure, so that runtimes/compilers without blocks still work.

Well, I don't feel up to the task of doing the detection, but would like to contribute methods like the one above. Could someone else please introduce the required changes? :-)

Luboš Doležel

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