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Serious GORM bug

From: Jamie Ramone
Subject: Serious GORM bug
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 19:11:02 -0200

Hi there steppers! OK, here's the deal: I'v been playing around with GORM making a demo of an extended scroll view (a subclass of NSScrollView with some practical general purpose extensions) and I came across a connection-related bug in GORM. Apparently, (manually) connecting any object to any object in the document window makes GORM barf with a segfault. Connecting objects inside of a window, panel, or menu (i.e. belonging to the document but NOT dropping the conection icon in the document window but rather in one of there) seems to work fine, though I haven't tested this extensively. I believe I have the most recent version and haven't seen any notice of new versions since building this one. The specific version is 1.2.17. And as far as the GNUstep libs I'm using the previous version and GORM is linked against them. This bug is a total show stopper for me and, if anyone else is affected, I believe it would be for them as well. Greg, could you please look into this? Thanx!

¬°Besos, abrazos, confetti y aplausos!
Jamie "El Vikingo" Ramone

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