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Re: Implementation of CFBridgingRelease() on GNUstep

From: Daniel Ferreira (theiostream)
Subject: Re: Implementation of CFBridgingRelease() on GNUstep
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 00:06:59 -0300

Hm, I get how this works for y = CFBridgingRetain(x) being equivalent
to CFRetain(): add +1 to x's reference count, let the ARC runtime get
rid of all the references to x, we've still got a 1 that can be later

However, this is still not quite clear to me when it comes to
CFBridgingRelease() being equivalent to CFRelease(). If I do something
like `s = CFRelease(CFStringCreate(...))`, s would reach reference
count 0 and be deallocated, thus rendering it unusable as an
Objective-C object. Or am I wrong here?

-- Daniel.

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