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General Assembly 2021

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: General Assembly 2021
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2021 16:47:53 +0100

Dear Guix Europe members,

after more than a year (we convened for the last time in June 2020),
I would like to call for you to take part in our General Assembly 2021,
to be held next Saturday, on November 6, from 20:00 (8pm) CET/UTC+1.

The event will be online at
The BigBlueButton room has the access code 073462 and access is
moderated, so please give your real name or well-known IRC handle.
Simon prepared a pad with suggestions of points to be treated:
Please do not hesitate to add your suggestions and comments.
I am reproducing the current text below.

I would also like to point out that only members who paid their membership
fees 2021 have voting rights; if you are in doubt, please get in contact
with me. If you cannot attend personally, you can designate another
member to represent you; any member can represent at most one other member.

One point on the agenda is the election of the Presidency and the Treasury;
Manolis has indicated that he is not going to run for Presidency again.
So please step up if you are interested in running for one of these

At the same time, I am calling an Extraordinary General Assembly to
examine suggestions made for changes to our Statutes. Simon suggested
already last year to correct typos; could you maybe post the diff again
so that we have a concrete case for a vote? Notice that to make decisions,
such an Extraordinary General Assembly needs to represent 2/3 of the
members, so please attend or designate a representative. Apart from typos,
there are a few other suggestions on the programme, which we could already
discuss by email before the meeting to see if a consensus is reached. In
case the quorum of 2/3 is not reached, but we feel that there is enough
consensus to take a decision, we will have another Extraordinary General
Assembly two weeks later, on November 20, at the same time.

Looking forward to seeing you soon again,


Guix Europe General Assembly November 6, 2021

 + Activity report by the Presidency
 + Financial report by the Treasury
 + Election of the new Presidency and Treasury
 + Election of the Solidary Administrative Council (SAC)
 + Travel grants
 + Fundraising
 + Social time/Conversations. Fika

Guix Europe Extraordinary Assembly November 6, 2021

 + Fixing typos in the official documents
 + Rename: to Guix Foundation or Guix Association or Guix Society
 + Tweak of the Status:
    + Have at least a maintainer on board at SAC
    + Have a more restricted SAC and make it public; I do not know how
      many we are, who is behind the alias guix-europe-sac
      (membership still private if required)
    + Set that a member of SAC could also invite for an Assembly instead
      of a quarter of SAC members; it would avoid a situation as now
    + Allow vote on questions using a period window without meeting

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