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Re: Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3 (and 17)

From: Andreas Enge
Subject: Re: Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3 (and 17)
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2022 15:33:35 +0200

And every fundamental change needs to be declared to the French
administration, which means real work behind the scenes; we should
do it sparingly. (Just today I spent some time again to declare the
changes in the Board, and this already for the second time since the
previous time it was rejected for formal reasons. And Julien spent time
translating the minutes of our 2021 yearly General Assembly to French,
since otherwise the Board changes are rejected as well.) Otherwise said,
to minimise bureaucracy we should minimise changes to our statutes.

And we do not even need to change the rules: The SAC can simply decide
in May to exclude all members who have not paid their membership fees
(article 3 third dot). We just have not done that so far, instead I have
been trying to communicate with all members who are late with the aim
to keep them in; often not paying is just an oversight, or made too
difficult for members abroad, so we wait for cash until the next Guix Days
in Brussels :) This year we excluded for the first time some members, but
they had not paid for the last three years.


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