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Re: [h5md-user] New commits, "id" and rc

From: Peter Colberg
Subject: Re: [h5md-user] New commits, "id" and rc
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 19:09:17 -0400
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Hi Pierre,

On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 10:32:48PM +0200, Pierre de Buyl wrote:
> I'd like to know wether there are remarks on my recents commits.
> H5MD has stabilized since some time and is in a very usable state. I've 
> cleaned
> a bit the draft.
> I'd like to release a "0.1" version of H5MD. As a first step, I'd like to tag
> the current (modulo "id", see below) version as 0.1-rc1.

The changes eff7ae6..44c9bce are fine. I intend to work on polishing
the specification this week, and send my proposed patches to the
mailing list for discussion.

It may be a good idea to setup PDF generation (from LaTeX), and
generate a tarball which includes ReST sources, HTML and PDF.


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