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Re: [Health-dev] [task #11366] Check ranges in lab tests

From: Christoph H. Larsen
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] [task #11366] Check ranges in lab tests
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 08:36:12 +0700
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We are currently reviewing the workflow of Bika Health, and will identify from this revusion process the data required from the EMR counterpart in detail. However, details that are most likely to be requested from the HL7 interface will be:
Patient family name
Patient given name(s)
Patient date of birth (including option for estimated date of birth)
Patient place of birth
Name of mother/father (may be required in countries, where duplicate naming is commonplace, e.g. Myanmar) Next of kin (for emergency contact purposes, if patient is unable to communicate upon critical results)
Patient address
Patient phone number(s)
Patent fax number(s)
Patent mobile number(s)
Patient email address(es)l
Patient other contact details
Patient hospital ID
Patient insurance type (sigh - this is getting more and more important "thanks" to the World Bank's assault on free and universal health care, and opportunistic support by major bilateral donors) Patient insurance number (hierarchical data structure <- Patent insurance type) Referring institution/department/ward (depending on institutional setup, read as current location of patient within the health care providing institution, e.g. general out-patients) Previous results (may duplicate LIMS functionality - LIMS should provide trend indicators) Alerts to duplicate patient entries, as identified by name, date of birth, place of birth All the above should become accessible in such a way that patients appear on a drop down list, which gets more specific as more characters are entered.

Uditha, maybe you can subscribe to the above list, and the other GNU Healht lists, too, and give us your feedback...
Thanks a lot,


Dr. Christoph H. Larsen
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