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[Health-dev] Products, beds and calendars

From: David Ing
Subject: [Health-dev] Products, beds and calendars
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 16:53:48 -0500
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Thanks for the response to Eugene. I figured out that I need to give "Product Administration" to my userid before I could create a bed.

I'm now puzzling through the relationship between products, beds and calendars. Could you please correct my thinking on what I've done?

I had already created two Wards, "Thoracic West Mens" and "Thoracic East Womens".

I created three products, all as assets:
"Bed in hospital private room"
"Bed in hospital semi-private room"
"Bed in hospital ward"

So then, I tried to fill in a Bed panel. I see a Calendar. Is that calendar supposed to be for person (e.g. Ivana.Ward), a Health Centre, a Building, a Unit, or a Bed?

A calendar seems associated with a Party, which could be an institution (I guess), but userids see to be by Person.

(1) What levels are calendars managed? Do we not reserve beds in advance using calendars?

(2) Are the three types of products a reasonable approach?

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