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Re: [Health-dev] Products, beds and calendars

From: David Ing
Subject: Re: [Health-dev] Products, beds and calendars
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 08:14:17 -0500
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Sebastián, thanks for the response.  It would be good to track bed availability with a calendar.

Does this mean that I would have to create an Internal User Health Professional for each bed? 

If want to add a calendar, I get the fields "Name" and "Owner".  On the "Owner" field, if I search for records, I only seem to see a list of Health Professionals, each with a a login ID.

I would therefore assume that the order would be (1) create a calendar, (2) create a product, (3) create a variant (for multiple beds of the same type), (4) create a bed. 

If I skip (1), I have already done the rest.  I created Bed (ward), Bed (semi-private) and Bed (private) as products, each as assets.

Do I need to create a calendar for a bed?  Is there a way to create a calendar for an asset instead of for an individual?

On 13-12-19 10:08 PM, Sebastián Marró wrote:
Hi David

2013/12/19 David Ing <address@hidden>
I am still mystified at the relation between beds and calendars.

To track my learning, I have contributed what I understand about beds to .  My understanding is that a Health Professional (and only a Health Professional) can have a calendar.

When I try to create a second calendar for a Health Professional, I get a message "A user can only have one calendar".

When I try to create a Bed, there's a field for Calendar.  If only a Health Professional can have a Calendar, and a Bed is Product, not a Health Professional, then why is there a field for a Calendar in that panel?  It looks as though I can create the bed without specifying a Calendar.

You have the calendar field in bed because you have installed the health_inpatient_calendar module. That module allows to use calendars to track bed availability. So if you link a calendar to a bed, when you create a new inpatient registration for that bed, also a calendar event is created.


Sebastián Marró
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