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[Health-dev] A doubt regarding appointment

From: Govind Kaveri
Subject: [Health-dev] A doubt regarding appointment
Date: Mon, 25 May 2020 23:00:52 +0530


I am new to GNU Health and trying to understand its functionality. 

I have a doubt in Patient Appointment. I see that under appointments, I can create a "Work Schedule" for the health professionals. But apparently, the appointments do not check the doctor availability. How to enforce this checking?

Another issue, I observed. The appointment "Time"  gets reset to 00:00 whenever I fetch any value from dropdown such as Health Professional name or Speciality. (I guess server call is resetting this value to 00:00). is this a bug or its a configuration issue?

PS: I am working on latest version. 

-Govind Kaveri

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