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Re: [Help-bash] for File in Folder_Variable_Name Expansion

From: rogerx . oss
Subject: Re: [Help-bash] for File in Folder_Variable_Name Expansion
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 04:58:01 -0900
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> On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 04:33:58AM -0900, Roger wrote:
>This was the crux of my problem here.  Although the whitespace/space within 
>folder (or filename, or path) was an initial issue until I used a wildcard (or 
>globbing, or "*", or "?") for substitution of the whitespace.
>This main issue of "for FILE in /PATH/*.jpg" was really difficult, as I always 
>prefer using global variables instead of statically assigned data.  (As most 
>others likely do too.)  I was thinking this should just work when written as 
>"for FILE in /PATH/*.jpg" as it appeared syntactically correct compared to 
>other variable usage or other variable assignments.  (ie. printf 
>Amazingly, all the previous answers posted provided a specific answer to each 
>specific problem I encountered with my scripting here, as well as each 
>follow-up providing some really clearly interpretable explanations of what I 
>was seeing from my perception of the problem.  Without each of the previous 
>posts, I would have been still been left with some further questions.  (A 
>spectacular thread here, compared to the other explanations posted elsewhere!)
>About the only question remaining, is why some bash commands (or functions) do 
>not uniformly accept variable expansion similar to using within printf or 
>(ie. printf "${HOME}/file.jpg")  But suspect every command handles expansion 
>based on each commands programmed method of handling a variable expansion.
>Looking back over the Bash Manual, I see printf or echo listed under the 
>BUILTIN COMMANDS" category, and the "for" command categorized under "SHELL 
>GRAMMAR > Pipelines".  As such, each category of commands, handles expansion 

CORRECTION: The "for" command falls under "SHELL GRAMMAR > Compound Commands" 
within the Bash Manual.  (While printf/echo are under "SHELL BUILTIN 


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