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Re: [Help-bash] bash error

From: Chet Ramey
Subject: Re: [Help-bash] bash error
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2015 17:22:20 -0400
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On 4/8/15 3:02 AM, mohd rasidi che mat wrote:
> hi,
> we have bash version 4.3.30 installed on hpux 11.23 (itanium)
> we encounter problems while running the Oracle script (aka orachk) that
> uses BASH. Here is the error message
> /usr/lib/hpux32/ Unsatisfied code symbol 'imaxdiv' in load
> module'/usr/local/bin/bash'

Go back to where you built bash and look at config.status.  When
configure ran, it was able to find both imaxdiv and isblank, defines
noting that ended up in config.h, and bash was compiled assuming those
functions were available.  If you didn't build bash on the machine where
you're running it, you might want to try doing that.

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