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Re: [Help-bash] getting bash sh to read in personal config

From: Greg Wooledge
Subject: Re: [Help-bash] getting bash sh to read in personal config
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 13:13:56 -0400
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On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 01:28:27PM -0400, David Niklas wrote:
> As you may or may not know, fvwm uses a config file for menus and all
> menu items are executed via sh (or so I beileve). I wanted to define
> some variables for arguments such as a font to keep the size of the menu
> down, and make accessing these long arguments easier I want to place
> them in a file.

I truly believe it would be best to put the commands you want to run
directly into your ~/.fvwm/.fvwm2rc file.  Tracking stuff down (when
it inevitably needs to change) across multiple files is no fun.

That said,

       When  bash  is  started  non-interactively,  to run a shell script, for
       example, it looks for the variable BASH_ENV in the environment, expands
       its  value if it appears there, and uses the expanded value as the name
       of a file to read and execute.


       ENV    Similar to BASH_ENV; used when the shell  is  invoked  in  POSIX

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