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[Help-bash] Help to add new builtin

From: Joaquin Manuel Crespo
Subject: [Help-bash] Help to add new builtin
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2019 08:19:50 -0300

First of all, thank you for your time with this email. I don't have a great
english, if is hard understand me, my apologies.

I have a personal project  ( ProyectoInvierno
<> ) and I am trying to add
a new builtin to BASH.
Investigating I found that the source code is under;
"bash-[version]/builtins" created as ".def" files (with a similary struct
to headers) and under "" are specified the output object files
(from 277 line number) and then the headers file for each one.
*But I have here some questions*:

1- Why is specified the headers file inside "" for ".def" file?
The same can not be specified as "#include<xxx.h>" inside the ".def" file?
2- How I can add a new builtin to BASH? Is enogh to add a .def file in
"builtins" directory and then specify the respective entries inside ? Or what more I should modify/add in which file for add a new

*JoaquĆ­n Manuel Crespo.*

Gnu/Linux SysAdmin / C developper

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