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using import and groups

From: Michael Coffman
Subject: using import and groups
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:26:48 -0600 (MDT)

I am stuck trying to use import and groups as shown in the reference
manual.  I created a top level cfengine.conf file that imports cf.groups, 
then cf.main  and several other files.   In the cf.groups file I use a 
statement like.

  WorkStations = ( +all_user ) 

Where all_user is a netgroup entry containing all my user machines.
The Workstation class is not seen as set when parsing cf.main.  If I
hardcode a machine name into the WorkStation definition of the cf.groups
file, it works fine.  If I move the groups statment that references NIS
to the cf.main file, it works OK.  It seems to have a problem propgating
the NIS entry only.

Any hints ??

Sorry to ask so many questions of this list, but I have no other resources, 
and I am pushing pretty hard to get cfengine used here.

BTW:  Is there a version of cfengine that lest me define the Lock and Log
directories in the conf file?  I am using 1.5.4 and I have to hand edit the
conf.h file to set these values.

-- Life is lived forward but understood backward.

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