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Re: Q about threading cfd, try perl-cfd

From: Gregory P. Smith
Subject: Re: Q about threading cfd, try perl-cfd
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 00:07:38 -0700
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Please take a look at perl-cfd ( or  It is designed to work
well under high load without crashing.  Admittedly I haven't looked at
any of the 1.6 code, but the cfd included with 1.5 and earlier is
quite buggy under moderate amounts of load.

perl-cfd is written using a configurable pre-forked-servers approach.


(Side note: the cfengine protocol is not designed well for doing lots
quickly; it sends lots of null padding in the protocol in both
directions and is latency sensitive by always waiting for the response
from one server operation before issuing another request.  Despite all
this, it does get the job done, just not nearly as well as it could)

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