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Problem with copy / links

From: Ulli Linzen
Subject: Problem with copy / links
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 11:45:24 +0200
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I have a little Problem (or badunderstanding?) with copying from remote.
I have the following situation:

On the client, I have the file /tmp/foo, and the symlink /tmp/bar, which
points to /tmp/foo.

On the serverhost, i have a file /tmp/bar.

Now i run the following program on the client:

        actionsequence = ( copy )
        domain = ( )
        /tmp dest=/tmp server=serverhost recurse=inf type=checksum

I expected the link /tmp/bar to be gone, and /tmp/bar beeing a file with
the same content as it had on the serverhost. But instead, the link is
still there, pointing to /tmp/foo ... It has simply not been touched.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you,


Ulli Linzen
Systemadministration und Entwicklung
GMX Aktiengesellschaft
Hanauer Strasse 58, 80993 M√ľnchen
Telefon +49.89.143 39-510
Telefax +
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