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umask doesn't work with shellcommands

From: Avi Green
Subject: umask doesn't work with shellcommands
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:48:48 -0500

Dear fellow cfengineers,

A few days ago, I noticed that cfengine (1.5.4) seems to be running my
shellcommands with a umask of zero.  I tried adding the umask attribute
as indicated by the cfengine reference:


                "/bin/sh -c 'echo umask: `umask`; > foo; mkdir Foo; ls
-ld foo Foo; rm -r foo Foo'"

But when I run it I get "Illegal shellcommand attribute".

Am I doing something obviously wrong?

Thanks a lot,

= Avi Green :-) avi at (-: 212 217-1147 =
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