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Re: modules bug with pre-scanning for a user

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: modules bug with pre-scanning for a user
Date: 18 Jun 2001 10:53:12 -0400
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Sharif Nassar <address@hidden> writes:

> Of course, this suggests that you could use -s for a traditional grep.
> Still not too portable, if you've got lots of operating systems (or
> versions of grep).  You could do what I have been known to do:  write a
> wrapper script for cfengine call that passes the right args to grep.

I thought about that, but I want the cfengine script to be portable
across many platforms.  Adding my own grep command seems like a great
way to muddle things.

The Solaris grep page indicates:

     -s             Suppress error messages about nonexistent  or
                    unreadable files.

So -s will not suppress regular output.  I could install GNU grep on
every system I manage, but really, the bug was elsewhere and Mark
already fixed it.

In thinking about this, I don't see why cfengine couldn't be used as a
user/sudo editor.  Right now, I manage users with editfiles, as
suggested by the manual, but it gets hairy quickly.  It would be nice
if I could say:

  add tzz group=other home=/home/tzz skeleton=/usr/arch/skel gecos="Ted 
  delete harry

  add tzz groups=ALL hosts=ALL nopasswd=TRUE

Mark, is this a possibility for a future release?


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