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copy error

From: Daniel Fong
Subject: copy error
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 10:11:46 -0700


I seem to be getting somewhat of an odd error when copying files. I ran
perl-cfd in debug mode and this is what I got:

CfLog: DBG received (47) `OPENDIR /home/anops/dist/common/ariba/machinedb'
CfLog: DBG Checking access of to
CfLog: DBG /home/anops/dist/common/ariba/machinedb is really
 name_list /home/anops/dist/common/ariba/machinedb
 name_list /home/anops/dist/common/ariba
 name_list /home/anops/dist/common
 name_list /home/anops/dist
 name_list /home/anops
 name_list /home
 Checking rule: /home/anops/dist from \S+\.snv\.ariba\.com
 Checking rule: /home/anops/dist from 206\.251\.25\.\S+
 Checking rule: /home/anops/dist from \S+\.ariba\.com

The sending lines is basically a long concatenated line with all the file
names. After that line I just get a spamming/multiple connection error.

Any clues as to what causes this and how to fix it? Is there a limit to 
how many files can be copied from one directory? If I break up the files
into separate directories it copies all the files is only when I
have all the files under one dir. Is there away to get around this with a
cfengine setting?



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