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Re: importing groups

From: Chris Edillon
Subject: Re: importing groups
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 01:55:58 -0400 (GMT+4)

On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Katherine Morris wrote:

> Here's a problem... although the groups get imported from the
> cf.groups definition, and seemingly successfully become defined.  
> Only one of the shell commands run (these are just test commands I'm
> really using cfwrap/cfmail for mail)...  any help would be
> appreciated. :))
  group definitions are only valid in "child" or "sibling" configuration
files.  for example, given a cfengine.conf that does this:

    any::  cf.groups

any groups defined in cf.groups can be used by rules in the other two
configuration files since they all have a common "parent" (cfengine.conf)
in terms of being imported.  however, groups defined in cf.groups can't
be used in the parent cfengine.conf file itself.  i've seen this in the
documentation somewhere but don't remember exactly where right now.
  it's sort of like a shell script spawning a subshell.  the subshell
can't pass environment variables up to the parent, but can inherit them
from the parent just fine.


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