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2.0.b4 & Mac OS X

From: John Valdes
Subject: 2.0.b4 & Mac OS X
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 19:42:36 -0600
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Below are some patches needed in order for cfengine 2.0.b4 to compile
under Mac OS X (and Darwin).  With these applied, cfengine compiles,
and cfagent seems to run fine, although I've only done minimal testing
at this stage.  This was on Mac OS X 10.1.3.  Besides the patches, one
needs to download and install a copy of BerkeleyDB, as well as a copy
of the OpenSSL header files.

The first patch addresses the fact that ld on OS X reports multiply
defined symbols (in this case, getopt() and its globals plus
snprintf() ) as an error and so the link on cfagent and others fails
(as previously reported with cfengine 2.0.b2).  The "-m" option to the
linker (or "-Xlinker -m" to the compiler) will tell ld instead to just
warn about multiply defined symbols and continue linking.  This patch
adds "-Xlinker -m" options to LDFLAGS for Darwin in "".
For convenience, the second patch does the same to "configure" given
that the copy of autoconf included with OS X is older that the version
needed by for generating a new configure, and so just
patching won't help unless you've installed a newer

The third patch addresses the issue that OS X doesn't have
getnameinfo() nor inet_ntop() even though it has getaddrinfo().  This
patch adds a preprocessor test to src/nameinfo.c and src/proto.c to
see if these are being compiled on Darwin and to ignore the setting of
the HAVE_GETADDRINFO if so (alternately, one of the configure files
could be patched to not define HAVE_GETADDRINFO on Darwin).


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