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cfexecd, inform, syslog

From: Scott Walters
Subject: cfexecd, inform, syslog
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 16:20:55 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

        I would like to have the local cfagent, called from cfexecd, email
the sysadm *any* time cfengine makes a change to a system.  And to this
point, I have been able to get cfagent be chatty in any capacity when
called from cfexecd.  Using "cfexecd -F"


   inform = ( on )
   verbose = ( on )
   syslog = ( on )
   smtpserver = ( )  # used by cfexecd
   sysadm = ( address@hidden )     # where to mail output

        Only one time has the inform or syslog worked, and this was the

cfengine:dev2: Challenge response from server was incorrect!
cfengine:dev2: Authentication dialogue with failed

        I have a couple little actions defined for copy and files.  When I
run cfagent by hand with "cfagent -I" I get the output I am looking for.

address@hidden bin]# ./cfagent -I
cfengine:dev2: /etc/shadow had permission 400, changed it to 600


Scott Walters

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