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Re: cfengine-2.0.5pre2 Segmentation fault with editfiles

From: Mark . Burgess
Subject: Re: cfengine-2.0.5pre2 Segmentation fault with editfiles
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 20:58:06 +0100 (MET)

I think this might be due to a "quick patch" that I added for someone.
Try getting a new sources directly (esp. varstring.c) from the website sources 
recompile. Or go back to 2.0.4 for now. I have been terribly busy
lately and will not get to work on cfengine until about february.


On 13 Jan, Jack G. Harris wrote:
> Hi!
> I have been using cfengine for around three years now, and have recently
> deployed 2.0.5pre2.
> All appeared to work well, until I realized that editfiles rules were
> all dying with a Segmentation fault...
> An example rule that has worked very well for me up tell now is listed
> below.
> *********************************************************
>   { /etc/passwd
>      BeginGroupIfFileExists "/etc/shadow"
>      BeginGroupIfNoLineContaining "BlockedforSecurity"
>      InsertLine "BlockedforSecurity"
>      EndGroup
>      EndGroup
>   }
> *********************************************************
> All the edits that do not have to satisfy a condition, including classes
> still work fine.  I have tested this on other conditions that are part
> of the editfiles section and it is also broken for:
> BeginGroupIfFileIsNewer, ForEachLineIn and ReplaceLinesMatchingField.
> I read the comments about being sure that the compiles are not mixing
> regex libs and includes, aand am looking at going back to recompile all
> the software again, but really don't want to go down that path for all
> platforms unless really necessary.  The conditionals in question are all
> literal strings types, so I am not sure if this issue of regex libs
> would even apply?
> The problem exists on all the OS's I support, Redhat Linux, Sun Solaris
> and SGI Irix.  I have already deployed the new version of cfengine, and
> am really impaired by this development.
> Any suggestions, thoughts or otherwise are greatly needed at this
> time....
> jack

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