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change log facility

From: Brendan Strejcek
Subject: change log facility
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:45:03 -0600
User-agent: Mutt/1.3.28i

I can't get cfengine to log to anything other than LOG_USER.

Here is a skeleton cfagent.conf which demonstates the problem:


        Syslog = ( on )
        SyslogFacility = ( LOG_LOCAL1 )



                SysLog(LOG_ERR,"test syslog facility log message")

This still shows up in LOG_USER. I am pretty sure my syslog config is
set up correctly.

$ egrep '(user|local1)' /packages/syslog/etc/syslog.conf
local1.debug    /packages/syslog/logs/cfengine       /packages/syslog/logs/
$ tail -f | grep jedi
Nov 20 13:20:06 jedi cfagent:  test syslog facility log message
$ tail -f cfengine | grep jedi

A strace doesn't show any facility info... just:

connect(4, {sin_family=AF_UNIX, path="/dev/log"}, 16) = 0
send(4, "<11>Nov 20 13:26:50 cfagent:  te"..., 62, 0) = 62

Other than reading the code, I'm not sure what other debugging
strategies to attempt. What am I missing?

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