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From: Jason Allen
Subject: SyslogFacility
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:58:54 -0600

I'm trying to get the syslogfacility feature to work on Linux with
cfengine-2.1.0p1. I have SyslogFacility = ( LOG_LOCAL4 ) in my control
section but cfengine errors continue to go to daemon.

syslogd debug example:

Successful select, descriptor count = 1, Activity on: 3
Message from UNIX socket: #3
Message length: 161, File descriptor: 3.
logmsg: daemon.err<27>, flags 2, from xxx, msg Nov 20 13:55:19
cfservd[29454]:  ID from connecting host: (SYNCH 1069358119 STAT
Called fprintlog, logging to FILE /var/log/messages
Calling select, active file descriptors (max 3): 3

Any ideas?


Jason Allen

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