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examples for dependency and resource validation

From: Benson , Brian
Subject: examples for dependency and resource validation
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 16:30:32 -0600

Has anyone had success with using cfengine for dependency checking and
resource validation
I am trying to use cfengine to monitor and restart cross mounts and
dependencies with Linux 7.3 and win2k

  Currently we use SMB to share out the Linux filesystems to the PC's
  and NFS to share out resources to the Linux servers from App servers

  when we have power failures we get stale NFS file handles and smb locks up
if the share was active at the time of
the "event"  Our build process depends on a linux/win2k build pair with
cross mounts. and this automated process is intolerant
of the issues created by one or more resource going stale.

 We are using cfengine 2.1.1 running it from cron and from an nfs share o
redhat Linux 7.3 

   We are using required action to validate existence of disks and sensible
size for validation
  We are also using processes to monitor the smb server and nfs server.

   Has anyone crafted a shellcommand solution that could be quickly adopted
to a generic config setup
that might solve this common issue? or a simple config file that can manage
this type of cross mount dependency
The limits I have run into is the nfs only protocol support that is in the
built-in actions. If the NFS resources are left alone during the power
outage they tend to recover on there own fine most of the time. but the SMB
portion is not so robust.

 I noticed only a few posts in the archives regarding SAMBA and smb , and
nothing that appeared applicable to my needs

Thanks in advance

> Brian Benson
> ADC Telecommunications - IP Cable Group
> Tel: 508.836.3421
> Fax: 508.870.2677
> address@hidden
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