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Question about editfiles

From: Erik Williamson
Subject: Question about editfiles
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 11:25:24 -0600
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Hi All,

It may be that it's Friday... or that I'm pretty new to cfengine... But I need help! I want to add 'vga=791' to all lines in /etc/grub.conf that start with "[:space:]*kernel" - but I can't see how to do this.

I figure that I need something like this:

  { /etc/grub.conf
      ForEachLineIn "/etc/grub.conf"
        BeginGroupIfMatches "[:space:]*kernel.*"
          AppendToLineIfNotContains " vga=791"

Alas there's no BeginGroupIfMatches command... Is there a way to use LocateLineMatching and ResetSearch to accomplish this?

Thanks for any help!

e r i k   w i l l i a m s o n                     address@hidden
 system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary

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