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key trust problem (possibly brainfade)

From: Martin A. Brooks
Subject: key trust problem (possibly brainfade)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 15:26:22 +0100


I'm bootstrapping a new cfengine installation.  When running 'cfagent -v
-q' on a test client, I get:

cfengine:: Not authorized to trust the server='s public key
cfengine:: Authentication dialogue with failed

Both cfservd.conf and update.conf contain and explicit TrustKeysFrom for on the control: section.

The server side of the conversation reports:

cfservd: Challenge response from client was incorrect -
ID false?
cfservd: Host authorization/authentication failed or access denied

Any thoughts as to what I've missed?


Martin A. Brooks <address@hidden>
Clues Ltd

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