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OK, Now I see what the firewall issues are with Cfengine in our environm

From: Scott Omar Burch
Subject: OK, Now I see what the firewall issues are with Cfengine in our environment
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 15:28:09 -0500
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Based on our firewall policy which generally is the following:

1) Return traffic from an application is allowed by a rule on a specific port through a firewall to a machine on the other side of the firewall. When an applications source port changes at random then that becomes a serious problem for firewall policy...basically the only way to write a rule for Cfengine is allow all ports to talk back to the policy server sitting on the other side of the firewall.

When using simply snoop to analyze a session between the policy server and a client the following is observed (the snoop session is on the client).

1) The client connects from a random source port to port 5308 on the policy server (this is the problem). 2) The policy server responds from 5308 to the randomly chosen source port (this is not a problem because we allow all traffic from inside along the management interface.).

So to make Cfengine work we would need a firewall rule that allows all ports on particular interface to pass through the firewall to the policy server. Seems like it wouldn't be to hard to tell cfagent to use a specific source port rather than randomly choosing a port number (but I'm probably oversimplifying the situation). I don't believe this is possible now, but if not any thoughts on changing that aspect of Cfengine?


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