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From: Chip Seraphine
Subject: PrepModule
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 17:21:07 -0500
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I've been using Prepmodule lately and it really helps me out a lot. However, 
it seems to have a couple of problems:

1) I need to put a full path to the module.  That is fine (since it presumably 
implies the module can live somewhere other than cfmodules/), but it needs to 
be documented if it is intentional.  Or the function ought to search 
cfmodules if the first char of the module name != '/'.  

2) Variable expansion doesn't seem to work properly in the argument field.  I 
assume this is somehow related to the fact that it lives in the groups: 
section?  At any rate, I have had no success in passing good old 
${allclasses} to the module.  (Haven't tried using the environment, though.)  
This should probably be either fixed or documented.....



Chip Seraphine
Unix Administrator
TradeLink, LLC

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