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Possibly bug : wrong hostname in class

From: Zeev Fisher
Subject: Possibly bug : wrong hostname in class
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:05:15 +0200
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I have some hostnames with dash.

For example : lnx-dev1

The output of cfagent -p -v shows that the class name is lnx_dev1 instead lnx-dev1

Here is the output of cfagent -p -v :

Defined Classes = ( 10_4_14 10_4_14_202 32_bit Day12 December Hr15 Hr15_Q1 Min00_05 Min01 Q1 Servers Sunday Yokneam Yr2004 any cfengine_2 cfengine_2_1 cfengine_2_1_10 compiled_on_linux_gnu i686 ipv4_10 ipv4_10_4 ipv4_10_4_14 ipv4_10_4_14_202 linux linux_2_4_21_20_EL linux_i686 linux_i686_2_4_21_20_EL linux_i686_2_4_21_20_EL__1_Wed_Aug_18_20_58_25_EDT_2004 lnx_dev2 lnx_dev2_il_marvell_com longjob net_iface_eth0 net_iface_lo redhat redhat_ws redhat_ws_3 )

Any idea why ?


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