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Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Network

From: wbmccarty
Subject: Re: Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Network
Date: 19 Dec 2004 19:33:01 -0800
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Hi Tim and Jamie,

Thanks for your replies.

Tim, we're small potatoes from Red Hat's standpoint, and they don't
generally get around to returning our calls and so on. But. I can't
entirely blame them; our RHEL licenses seem to be of a steeply
discounted academic variety that don't entitle us to the same level of
support to which commercial customers are entitled. So, I'm pretty much
on my own here, but used to that <g>.

Jamie, the rhnreg_ks script facilitates first-time RHN registration of
a system in batch mode, right? That is, it doesn't seem to have
provision for specifying the key/certificate information pertaining to
an already registered host. If that's right, a user would have to have
a sufficient number of unallocated RHN entitlements to cover each
system on which rhnreg_ks is run.

In my case, I don't have more than a handful of unallocated
entitlements. So, I want to re-use or write over the entitlement
associated with an OS build being overwritten in a bare-metal recovery
or re-deployment.

I'll try capturing and restoring the /etc/sysconf/rhn files and see if
that does the trick, as I hope it will.

Thanks for your help!


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