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Re: cfagent delays on startup

From: Sven Mueller
Subject: Re: cfagent delays on startup
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 17:46:28 +0100
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Sven Mueller wrote on 05/01/2005 14:24:
I have the following setup (in a non-routable network):

machine A: cfengine master, no DNS, all hosts that might connect
            are listed in /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf doesn't exist.
machine B: cfengine client, DNS-Server for some zones, no access to
            any other DNS servers, all hosts it needs to know are listed
            in /etc/hosts, no /etc/resolv.conf exists.

Problem was that cfagent on machine B was slow when the local DNS-Server was running (master DNS - on non-routable Net - for our public DNS servers) and as fast as it should be when the local DNS server was not running. Other than that, there was no difference on machine B between the runs.

Thanks to tim Nelson, I found out what was going wrong:
/etc/nsswitch.conf had the following lines:
hosts:       files dns
networks:    files dns

Well, since the local DNS didn't actually resolve anything apart from some zones, the "dns" in those lines was wrong. It caused cfagent to timeout on some queries (which ones I don't know), probably while setting up the automatic groups. Removing the "dns" from the lines mentioned above made cfagent ignore the local DNS server (as I expected it to do anyway, since no nameserver was listed in /etc/resolv.conf) and always run as fast as on any other machine no matter wether the local DNS server was running or not.


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